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Hillstock & Associates Offers Online Compliance Training

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

It's official! Hillstock & Associates and Traliant are working together to provide modern and innovative online compliance training. We have partnered with Traliant to bring you compliance training that helps you provide clear guidelines and expectations to your employees.

Much of the training is included in multiple languages and in separate versions for employees and managers, who have additional responsibilities.

Key features include:

  • interactive videos and alternate endings

  • brand new courses every year

  • mobile, desktop, or classroom training

  • easily customizable.

Topics include (but are not limited to): Data Privacy, GDPR & Information Security, HIPPA, Interview Compliance and Fair Hiring, Preventing Discrimination and Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity, and even establishing your organization’s Code of Conduct. Training your team can improve your recruiting efforts, employee retention rates, and increase problem-solving and creativity across your organization.

To view the full course listing, including those specific to Healthcare, Higher Education, Banking and Financial, and Business, download the flyers below AND gain access to a FREE Trial of training along with a 10% discount, by visiting our shared Compliance Training website.

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